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History of the District Pennant and logo, with assistance from P/D/C Bette Tomlinson Contest for a pennant design was won by Ed Landrie, with the following original drawing.


This design is the ONLY Voyageur District pennant ever approved at Governing Board. The official colours are Warm Red and Pantone Blue 289. A rectangle may be cut from it if the triangular shape is not suitable. Over the years, in a variety of printers' hands, a number of unapproved and destructive design changes occurred. The sail was reversed, the colours were altered, the proportion of the rudder paddle was changed. Lettering was added at one time. None of them was approved.

Georgian Trent district was split in 1990. All squadrons north of the Severn River, Except Gravenhurst voted to become part of the new district called "Voyageur". Voyageur district is comprised of: Bracebridge, Elliot Lake, Huntsville, North Bay, Parry Sound, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, and Tri-Town. Elliot Lake has since changed their name to North Channel. A new Squadron was added in 1996 called Manitoulin.
It was assumed that by splitting Georgian Trent District, northern squadrons would be better able to attend the meeting due to the distance since most of the meetings were held in Penetang. By splittting the area it was hoped it would make it easier for northern squadrons to attend District Meetings. Sudbury was to hold the AGM every 2 years with smaller squadrons taking turns in the alternate years.


Past Commanders:

J. Ryan 1990-1992  
E. Tomlinson 1992-1994  
Rudy Saal 1994-1996  
M Gilbert 1996-1998  
Earl Bryant 1998-2000  
Gilbert Desjardins 2000-2002  
Warren Ginson 2002-2004  
Horst Matern 2004-2006 Pary Sound
Jack Mcirvine 2006-2008 Bracebridge
Terry Lang 2008-2010 North Bay
Cam Quensell 2010-2012 Sudbury
Chantal Giroux 2012 Sudbury
Terry Lang 2013 North Bay
Elizabeth Appleton 2014-2017 North Bay
John Mason 2017-2019 Pary Sound
Elizabeth Appleton/Terry Lang 2020/2021 North Bay


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